Dana Taufest Psy.d.

There’s more to life than just feeling ‘fine’

Discover what that is for you with me, Dana, an experienced psychologist giving individuals and couples the tools they need to live life to the fullest across Michigan and Colorado.

When everything’s right but something feels wrong

It might be time to talk to a therapist

Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions, even when your life looks good on paper? I hear this often: “My life’s great, but I’m not happy and don’t know why.” Sound familiar?

You’re definitely not alone in this. It’s perfectly okay to want more — more depth, more connection, more authenticity in your life. I’m here to journey with you (and possibly your partner), to dig into the reasons behind your feelings of disconnect or dissatisfaction, so we can help you become your best self.

Your emotions matter

Let’s explore them together with psychotherapy

Hi there, I’m Dana, an experienced psychologist helping adults and couples to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a safe space. You know, it’s quite common for people to almost feel guilty about their unhappiness when everything seems ‘good’.

But here’s what I think: your feelings are valid, and understanding them is the first step toward change. Whether it’s feeling detached, relationship issues, or just that persistent sense that something’s off, I’m here to listen and help you (and maybe your partner) to work through those complex emotions.

Ways to work with me as your therapist

Every person, every couple has their story, their struggles. Whether it’s feeling misunderstood, facing difficult life transitions like divorce or loss, or simply wanting to enjoy life more – my goal is to offer a space where you can safely express, explore, and understand these issues.
Think of our psychotherapy sessions as a comfortable space where we’ll untangle your thoughts, experiences, and emotions together. Our goal is to help you gain real insights and changes that make sense in your world and maybe helps you solve a problem.
Psychoanalysis offers us a deeper inspection into your past to illuminate your present and future. We’ll connect the dots in a meaningful way, helping you gain valuable insights and understanding about your life’s story and its impact on you.
In couples therapy, we’ll sit down and get a sense of what’s going on between the two of you. We’ll talk through the tough stuff, find out where you’re both coming from, and build bridges to get you closer and more connected.
Here, we’ll explore intimacy with kindness and openness, tackling questions and concerns that might feel too big or too scary alone. In sex therapy, our goal is to help you learn what you want and how to ask for it.

Meet Dana Tautfest, Psy. D.

Your partner in personal growth

Whether we’re unpacking your personal challenges or exploring the dynamics with your partner, I’m here to create a space where you can really understand and articulate what’s really going on.

With almost two decades of experience providing psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, couples therapy, and sex therapy, I approach each client’s journey as a collaborative exploration of the self. In other words, I’m here to explore ‘why’ with you, not just ‘what’ to do.

So if you’re not sure what’s missing and want to fill in the gaps, let’s wonder, wander, and discover together. With my unique approach to therapy, I’ll help you finally get to the bottom of what’s bugging you and step into a happier, freer, and more fulfilled ‘you’ – whether alone or with your partner

Our journey together

Whether you’re seeking individual therapy, couples or sex therapy or psychoanalysis, I’m here to guide you toward a richer, more connected life.

Building a foundation

First, you reach out, and we talk. Then, our first session is all about getting to know each other, understanding what you're going through, and figuring out how I can help. This initial chat sets the stage for our work together.

Exploring your story

Once we connect, we'll dig deep into your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. It's not about quick fixes but truly understanding the 'whys' behind your actions and emotions, paving the way for positive changes.

Shaping a fuller life

With newfound insights, we'll start moving forward. This phase is about applying what we've learned, experimenting with new perspectives or behaviors, and beginning the real work of transformation.

Searching for more in life? Let me help you find it

Whether you’re in need of psychotherapy, couples , or just a space to be understood, I’m here for you.