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999 Haynes

Suite 300

Birmingham, MI  48009




Substantial post-graduate training including a three-year fellowship in group therapy, AASECT certification as a sex therapist and a certificate in contemporary psychoanalysis. I believe in a mind/body connection and have cultivated a daily yoga practice over the last fifteen years.  



Most people believe they want to be happy. Even so, many people will acknowledge difficulty achieving happiness and even find themselves repeating difficult experiences and struggling with unknown interference in life. Changing these patterns can feel almost impossible. We may feel stuck, trapped or lost. Although we may want to be happy, the feeling of pleasure may be absent. Sexuality may become blocked and we may “want to want.”


Therapy can help. How does talking with someone make a difference? Effective therapy involves talking, but the process itself is more about exploration, discovery and understanding of each person’s hopes, dreams, fears and limitations to personal growth, development and happiness. Development continues throughout life. Thankfully we don’t have to just grow up and get old. We can continue to learn, embrace, experience and enjoy our lives, work and relationships and play too! Recognizing and addressing the blocks to this process in a supportive, trusting therapeutic relationship is possible resulting in a life lived more freely, expansively and joyfully. 


Please feel free to call or email me directly for consultation. 


Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy, Psychoanalysis

Intimacy and Relationship Concerns

Depression, Anxiety

Life Transitions


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