Couples Therapy and Sex Therapy

Is something feeling ‘off’ in your relationship?

Rediscover the joy and intimacy that brought you together with insightful couples therapy and sex therapy.

Feeling like the spark is gone in your relationship? That doesn’t mean it is!

It’s all too common to hear, “We’ve lost our spark,” or “We’re not on the same page.” If this resonates with you, know that you’re not alone, and there’s hope. Together, we’ll explore the heart of your relationship, addressing challenges and nurturing the bond you share. Whether you’re facing communication hurdles, issues with infidelity, or you’re looking to build a more fulfilling sex life, I’m here to support and guide you toward a richer, more connected partnership.

Rekindle your shared flame with couples therapy and sex therapy

Imagine a relationship where every conversation strengthens your bond, and intimacy isn’t just physical but emotional and spiritual. Our work together aims to turn that vision into reality, providing you with the tools and understanding to build a relationship that’s not only strong but vibrant and deeply satisfying. Experience the joy of being truly connected, understanding each other on a profound level, and celebrating the love that unites you.

How I can help:

Couples Therapy & Sex Therapy

In our sessions, we’re going to talk – really talk – about what’s going on with you and your partner or within your personal scope of intimacy. We’ll create a space where it’s safe to explore those nagging feelings of unease, to be present with each other, and to start enjoying life and relationships fully again.

Couples Therapy

Imagine stepping into a space where you and your partner can truly hear and see each other, perhaps for the first time in a long while. That’s the heart of couples therapy with me. It’s common for partners to feel misunderstood or to struggle with expressing their deepest needs and feelings. Here, we’ll take those unspoken words and feelings and bring them into the light, creating a safe space to explore and understand each other’s experiences and viewpoints.

In our therapy sessions, we’ll tackle the issues that might be causing tension or distance between you. Whether it’s a breakdown in communication, a lingering sense of dissatisfaction, or even the aftermath of a crisis, we’ll address these challenges together. Together, we’ll build a stronger, more empathetic connection, celebrating your differences, and finding joy in your togetherness again.

As we move forward, you’ll both develop new skills and ways of relating that create a more loving and supportive partnership. Through this journey, you’ll do more than revive the spark that brought you together. You’ll create a more enduring and meaningful bond.

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Sex Therapy

Let’s talk about sex, but not just the act itself — let’s get curious about what it means for you, your beliefs, your desires, and the intricacies of your intimate life. In sex therapy with me, you’ll find a judgment-free zone where all topics are open for discussion, from performance anxieties to the deeper emotional connections that underpin your sexual experiences. It’s a place where you can explore your sexuality with curiosity and openness, learning to embrace and express your true sexual self.

Together, we’ll challenge the misconceptions and ‘shoulds’ that might be holding you back, exploring everything from health influences to cultural and personal beliefs about sex. We’ll explore opportunities to unlearn harmful narratives, perhaps from restrictive upbringings or distorted media portrayals, and discover a healthier, more authentic understanding of their sexuality.

Sex therapy is about more than resolving problems; it’s about fostering intimacy, pleasure, and a healthy relationship with your sexuality, whether you’re single or in a partnership. By understanding and articulating your desires and needs, you’ll gain the tools to build more satisfying and meaningful sexual experiences. You’ll learn what you want and how to ask for it, creating a satisfying sex life that aligns with who you are and enhances your overall well-being.

Craving a stronger connection?

Whether you’re facing challenges in your relationship or just want to deepen your bond, I’m here to guide you toward a more fulfilling and loving partnership.

Your couples therapy journey

Here’s how we’ll approach your path to a more fulfilling relationship through couples therapy and sex therapy.

Creating a Safe Space

In our initial sessions, we’ll build a foundation where both of you feel comfortable and motivated to share and explore. This trust is crucial for our journey together, ensuring we can address the most intimate aspects of your relationship with honesty and respect.

Exploring Dynamics

We’ll tap into the fabric of your relationship, examining communication patterns, emotional needs, and intimacy issues. It’s a process of discovery and understanding, uncovering the root of challenges and celebrating the strengths that bind you together.

Enhancing Your Bond

Armed with insights and strategies, we’ll work toward enhancing your relationship on all levels. It’s about nurturing your connection, resolving issues, and embracing the journey of growth together, helping to shape a more loving and fulfilling partnership.


Learn more about couples therapy & sex therapy

Couples and sex therapy can stir up a mix of emotions and, naturally, quite a few questions. If you don’t find the answers you’re seeking in the FAQs below, don’t hesitate to reach out.
The difference between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis is that psychotherapy tries to solve a problem. Psychoanalysis is really about doing the work to be the best person you can be, the most complete person. So sometimes people will come to me for psychotherapy, and then it can become psychoanalysis as their goals change. While both aim to enhance your understanding and well-being, psychotherapy focuses on your present-day concerns, and psychoanalysis reaches far deeper into your past. I view psychotherapy as a conversation with purpose, while psychoanalysis is more like a deep dive into your life story.

I offer telehealth couples therapy and sex therapy sessions to clients in Michigan and Colorado. I currently have a therapy space available for in-person couples therapy and sex therapy in Birmingham, Michigan. Generally, for clients in Michigan, we’ll use a hybrid model where we see each other face to face for an in-person session every couple of weeks, but do the rest of our therapy sessions online. 

Taking the first step can be super nerve-wracking, but remember, reaching out is a sign of strength, not weakness. It’s the beginning of a conversation, a chance to explore and address what’s holding you back, in a supportive and understanding environment. It takes courage, but trust me, it’s worth it.

The first session is about setting the stage for our work together. It’s a time for sharing your stories, identifying your goals, and starting to build that crucial trust between us. We’ll talk about what brought you here and begin to unravel the threads of your relationship or sexual concerns.

There’s no set timeline for therapy — it’s as unique as you and your partner are. Some find that a few sessions bring significant insight and improvement, while others might choose a longer journey of exploration and growth.

Absolutely. Sex therapy can be beneficial for individuals wanting to explore their sexuality, address personal concerns, or simply learn more about creating a fulfilling sexual life.

If you’re feeling disconnected, unfulfilled, or just sense that something’s ‘off’, it might be time to reach out. Therapy can provide the insights and tools needed to navigate these feelings, whether they’re within your relationship or personal experiences of intimacy.

We’ll develop strategies and practices you can incorporate into your daily life for lasting change. Periodic check-ins or follow-up sessions can also help sustain progress.

Occasionally, I may suggest exercises or reflections to deepen your understanding and practice new skills outside of our sessions, enhancing the therapy’s impact.

It’s common for individual issues to surface. While our focus is on the relationship, individual therapy referrals can be made when necessary to address personal challenges comprehensively.

Confidentiality is extremely important to me. Everything discussed in our sessions is protected, providing a secure space to explore sensitive topics without concern.

Beginning is simple: reach out for an initial free consultation. In this short 15-minute chat we’ll discuss your needs, hopes, and how we can work together toward a stronger, more connected relationship.